August 31

Another emailed-in update. This time from an old favorite of mine:

Hi, this is Chloe. You know, the chick with the
shaved head from Wall Candy. Just wanted to let you
know that I write electronic music now. I'm updating
my webpage, you can see my old one and a sneak preview
of my new one at these links:

take care, Chloe

Be sure to check those links out. The new site is pretty fresh. I haven't had the oppurtunity to catch the new shit, but the Wall Candy stuff was awesome when I saw them back last year.


I also got an invite to help out on the following site. Anyone from the Northwestern PA region should check it out. It's called Play Erie and it looks very professional and put together.


I'll be making some updates on the calender section soon. So peep that.


I'm currently at odds at what to do with this site. I'm currently in Beaver, working at the mall and going to school at AIP in Pittsburgh. I haven't had the opportunity to communicate with anyone from the "scene" back home int he Greenville/Sharon area I hail from. I've hardly heard anything from Lynt, whom I do their own web site. With ninjas like up at Play Erie doing their thing, and Pittsburgh Local Rock doing their thing. There hasn't been much activity on the message board, so I don't know if there's anyone viewing this site, or they're just silent.

I've considered, especially since I'm down here now and finally have a considerable job, to simply move my scope down here and check out some of the local bands. Whatever happens, rest assured that this site will strive on in some shape. Either at this address, or with my joining some other site. I will continue to contribute to the music.



August 2

OSB dropped me a line to pass along an upcoming show up in Erie. It'll be some place called Sherlock's on August 22nd. Strik-9 and Self Inflicted, some popular bands in the area, will be ont he bill as well.



July 30

First, I'd like to make a small apology to those who do read this site. I know there hasn't been much freshness in the last few weeks. I've been very busy with, which has litteraly blown up in popularity almost over night, and my school projects for this quarter. I'm graduating in September with my Associates, so things are getting nuts.

I'd like to also thank Josh from Geography for his reviews lately and all the bands that email me with updates.

I'd like to mention that I am looking for a second body to work with me on this site to make sure new shit keeps on coming. All I require is enough HTML knowledge to add entries and updates to this site. If you are interested, just email me at


War Between One update:

This Sunday, Aug 3rd WBO will be playing at The Bottom Line Saloon in
Cleveland for the "Sunday Metal Matinee".

The Bands: WBO, Remedy for Sanity and Strict9.

The Venue: Voted by readers of The Cleveland Free Times:

Best place to see metal bands
Boasting a PA almost as monstrous as Yngwie J. Malmsteen's
hair, the Bottom Line Saloon (3463 Fulton Road) is the premier
place for hot-ass solos and double-bass drumming as frantic
as two rabbits fornicating.

The Show: ALL AGES, Starts at 3PM, $5 at the door(tickets available)

Details are at and

E-mail: for ticket information, and
transportation information.

See you all in the moshpit.


Priority Fall also has some shows newly posted in the sure to check out for all the latest on them.


On a side note, I've noticed that a lot of bands have addresses and geocites and shit. I've just got my domain for Western PA Juggalos for only $9. Check out I wholly recommend them on a budget a fucking college student like me can afford.


July 28


Geography sent out this update along with new dates put up on the Calender:


*Geography will be featured on a compilation CD put out by Lactose
Intolerant Records which should be out in a week or two (hopefully!)

*We will be recording a split EP/CD with Foxhole that will be on Chumpire
Records (courtesy of Greg Knowles, no relation to Biance)with new material
from both bands. That should be out winter-ish.

*There's an interview that is up on And no, we
are not cheating on the band of the month poll! If someone is cheating on
our behalf we appreciate the sentiment, but please knock it off!

*Dave is selling the guitar he just bought, and we are trying to fix his
disgusting old strat (yeah!). Also, a new amp (Marshall!) will be added to
Dave's arsenal here in a little while.

*I am also in the process of selling my new guitar due to the fact that my
Fender amp blew up (grrr) and I had to buy a new amp (Marshall!), so I will
be going back to the old Telecaster (yeah!).

*Jon bought a new distortion pedal(!). Also, TAD has some upcoming shows but
I don't know any of the dates off the top of my head. I do know that they
are playing at the Roboto on the 3rd (I think) with a band called Vaginal
Vomit, which with a name like that they have to be good. Also expect an
EP/CD out soon from them.

*Dave and Mike are going to see family at different points in the next month
(no, they arent't related even though I made it sound that way). So, we've
had to turn some shows (boo!), but it's family so it's okay. Wish them safe

*My 21st birthday is tuesday so I think everyone's dragging me out to do the
"bar thing." I haven't drank in a long time and really don't like to do so.
Wish me luck!

I think that's it for now. Hope to see all you cats sometime soon (at
We probably won't do this to often, but I guess one should expect them every
now and again.
Check in at for updates on shows, releases and random
silly shit that's going on in our lives.

lots o love,
josh from geography



July 19

Another update in my mailbox from Priority Fall:

Here's the deal on what's going down with priority fall. First off ever
thing is back to the normal with members and all. Secondly, the show on
Aug.3.2002 at freddie freshs in downtown Sharon Pa is going to be great. I
hope to see a lot of people that night. Third, but most important we have
another show booked for Aug.13.2002 at the Olympic Skating Center in
hermitage Pa. This will be big show. The show will be a Battle Of the Bands.
Everyone that comes must remember to say that your there to see priority
fall. We want to see everyone there. So this means lie to mommy or daddy
about staying over little jonny's house and get your ass down to the skating
(priority fall)

Thanx for the headsup. Haven't heard these guys yet, but I'm looking forward to catching one of these shows...





July 15

A friend of mine has a site in support of keeping WTGP, Theil's radio station. I, for one have always enjoyed the station as an alternative to our local stations. Check out Save WGTP and show your support for college radio.


July 12

Got a line from the Inches from Ugly(formerly Corkscrew Peggy) newsletter:

Hey people whats up?Just dropping you a little note to let you know what is going on with the band and some up comming shows.We will be at angry johnies in pittsburghs south side on sturday the 13th.We will be recording for a live tv show that will air on pittsburgh 21.Keep an eye out for it.Other bands playing will be MOJO FILLER and GEARBOX.There is a 3 dollar cover and you must be 21 and up to get in.We will also at the bloomfeild bridge tavern on sturday the 17th.More to be announced about this show in the near future.Also look for us to playing at nicks fat city,rex's and jc's all in the south side of pittsburgh.For info to these shows or any other show feel free to mail us at or We hope to see ou there...Peace out




July 11

Got a line from Priority Fall giving a shout out for shows....

hello iam from the band prioriy fall, we are currently looking to do show
with every one we can and any were. if you are look for a band for some
shows please contact us. you can also check us out at or aug.3.2002 at freddie freshs we will be the head
lineing band that night. also we are lableing our music and stly as
xrated/hatecore metal. so if you need a band just let me know. thank you for
your time. -matt stanton

Check their site out, check them out the 3rd of August. I've heard some good things about these guys.



July 7

Geography sent a newsletter out to educate us on some hapenings....


hey this is dave from geography...

just writing in regards to the fact that there seem to be two scenes that we
as a band are both becoming a part of. two scenes that are only about
20mins. away from each other, each of which have no idea the other exists,
seemingly. my intention here is to give notice to some of the key players
in each of those seemingly seperate scenes and ask the question, why not
consolidate? more shows, wider promotional area, higher level of diversity,
and the list of benefits goes on.

one is eastern ohio and sharon, pa, represented by:

from a second story window(, armed
battery(, oreon(, the
idyll(, along with many other bands, josh @ underground
music news(, sir psycho sexy
(, etc...

the other is northwestern pa. including franklin, meadville, etc.
represented by:

foxhole/greg knowles(chumpire you have a site?), skip w/
wrench222( pa show
listings(, 4foot4(franklin punk, lark(, etc....

so check out some of these sites i have listed, and get in contact with each
other, if you'd like. thanks,
dave, and geography

Much-o props to Geography for helping to get these two "scenes" to come together. I hope the other bands from either side will check eachother out.




July 4

A Short-notice email from Geography today......


there's kind of a dilemma that us, a couple of other bands, and a promoter
named skip are in at the moment, okay here goes: we had/have a show this
friday, but we lost the original venue due to vandalism. the good news is
that skip has found a new venue for it. the bad news is that we only have a
day to promote it. we have a band coming in from boston to play this and it
would truly suck not to pay them anything b/c of these circumstances. so
here are the details:

july 5th @ oakland fire dept on spear road off rt. 417 w/

haikado concern-rockin stuff from boston

creta bourzia-one of the best bands in pgh right now!

geography-crap! absolute crap!

four foot four-local kids kickin ass!

totally awesome dudes-you'll either laugh your ass off, or want to kill them

$5, all ages.

please help skip and these bands out! this is very urgent! tell everyone you
know!! if you need more info check
please come!!!!!
lots o love,
josh from geography


Help these guys out and show your support if you can. I can say that you won't be disapointed with Geography, deffinately.


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